560 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30314

Rev. Dr. Lisa Allen-McLaurin
134 Years of
Worship & Ministry
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Upcoming Events

Stewardess Prayer Brunch

Saturday, March 16th  |  10:00am  |  West Mitchell Street Fellowship Hall
The prayers of the righteous availeth much! We invite you to attend this special Prayer Brunch, brought to you by the Stewardess Board of West Mitchell Street!

117th Stewardess Anniversary Sunday

Sunday, March 17th  |  10:30am
Celebrating 117 Years of Service, the Stewardesses of West Mitchell Street invite you to come! Also, our Presiding Prelate of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Bishop Thomas L. Brown Sr., will be bringing forth the WORD.

2.3.19: Livestream Broadcast: West Side Community CME

On Sunday, February 3rd, we were at West Side, where we participated in a Joint Communion Service! You can now view the LiveStream broadcast from West Side via the following link: https://livestream.com/wsccme/events/8548874

Bible Study on Zoom

Wednesdays  |  7:00pm
We now have Online Bible Study on Zoom! If you would like to be included in the Call, please go to https://zoom.us/j/4979573765 either on your computer or smartphone. We look forward to seeing you!

Capital Improvement Campaign!

We are excited about this new campaign! Our first project is to purchase a new Boiler for the Church. We are asking all members and friends of the Ministry to pledge at least $500.00 toward our $50,000 goal. All funds received will be deposited and held in a special account for Capital Improvement ONLY. Please see any member of the Steward Board for additional information and to make a pledge.

A YouTube Experience: “The Mitch On The Move”

We have a YouTube Channel, which shows current and previous videos of the sermons that were preached here at West Mitchell Street!! In fact: The latest video from our recent services (i.e. Ash Wednesday and Men’s Day) are now LIVE! To view the new channel and latest videos, click here now.

Ministry Moments: Image Galleries

View our latest images by clicking/tapping this link now to view the moments!

Weekly Prayer Line!!

Mondays & Thursdays at 8:00pm 641-715-3274  |  Access Code: 430156#
Be sure to invite your family, friends and acquaintances to join us on this special prayer line!

Westside Events

To see upcoming events that are relevant to our immediate community, please click here now!

WORD On The Street

Our Newsletter, WORD On The Street is now officially here! Click here to download the latest Newsletter (and previous versions).

Online Giving

You can now pay your Tithes & Offerings and other donations via credit/debit card! Simply click on the “Give Your Gift Now” link below.

Church Office Contact

Please contact the Church Office on Tuesday to Thursday, between 10:00am and 4:00pm, 48 hours before any event that you are sponsoring or are aware of. The Secretary will work with the Trustees to schedule the opening & closing of the church. NOTE: All events/meetings must be confirmed through the Church Office.

WMSCME Website: Interesting Facts!

We have a document now available online that gives you the “highlights” of how to use our Website! You can download it here.

We’re On Social Media!

We are on Facebook and Twitter! View our pages below: Facebook: Click here Twitter (@WestMitchellS): Click here

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