Church School

Welcome to our new Church School Page! In here, you can receive a listing of all the Daily Scriptures, along with the Lesson Titles that each of the teachers will be presenting each week for Church School on Sundays!

As a thought: It is recommended to not just read these verses each day, but also read the entire chapter that contains these verses. As an example: For myself, the first thing I do each morning is to read the entire chapter that contains the verses. That way, I end up getting an even greater understanding of the text, and understand the context of WHY something was spoken in the text. If you read these scriptures first thing in the morning, you will “find yourself” remembering them as the day progresses…. Remember: The Lord NEVER wastes words!!

Also, it’s highly recommended to read the text in another version instead of just the King James Version. Although the KJV is one of the “foundational” scriptures, it’s a great thing to also read it from the Amplified Classic, the Message Bible, the New Living Translation, and/or other versions as well. Whichever one allows you to UNDERSTAND the text is the one you should read. Besides, at the end of the day, all scripture points to HIM, our Lord Jesus Christ, in some way, shape or form, and as we receive HIS IDENTITY through the scriptures, we are then able to receive OUR identities in HIM (1st John 4:17), which then allows us to move fully in what He has ordained, moment by moment, day by day, “in the midst” of this pandemic, or any other calamity that we face. As a result, we then become effective Teachers of Him in the world, being able to articulate the Hope that is within us… Just a thought!!

In the meantime, enjoy these readings! We will be updating this page periodically with new content so you can then be able to a) plan accordingly in receiving these scriptures into your daily life, and b) be able to even more actively participate in the discussions that we have on Sundays during Church School!

Sunday, September 6th

  • Lesson Title: Issues of Love
  • Bible Background: Genesis 37
  • Printed Text: Genesis 37:2-11, 23-24, 28
  • Devotional Reading: Psalm 105:1-6, 16-22
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of this lesson, we will EXAMINE the circumstances of familial love and hatred between Jacob/Israel’s sons, REPENT of time we allowed jealousy and hatred to override a commitment to love, and DEVELOP strategies to allow a commitment to love to override feelings of jealousy and hatred.”

Monday, September 7th

  • Acts 13:1-5: Paul and Barnabas Appointed for Ministry

Tuesday, September 8th

  • Genesis 41:9-13: Joseph, Chief Interpreter of Dreams

Wednesday, September 9th

  • Genesis 41:14-24: Dreams of Cows and Corn Explained

Thursday, September 10th

  • Genesis 41:34-36: Preparing for the Expected Famine

Friday, September 11th

  • Genesis 41:41-49: Storing Grain for the Famine

Saturday, September 12th

  • Genesis 41:53-57: Egypt Feeds the Middle East

Sunday, September 13th

  • Lesson Title: God Rewards Obedience
  • Bible Background: Genesis 41:14-57
  • Printed Text: Genesis 41:25-33, 37-40, 50-52
  • Devotional Reading: 1st Peter 5:5-11
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of this lesson, we will DISCOVER how Joseph’s love for God and faithfulness helped him find success in Egypt, ASPIRE to remain steadfast in love and obedience to God when facing extreme hardships, and CELEBRATE God’s providential care in times of suffering.”

Monday, September 14th

  • Psalm 51:1-12: Have Mercy on Me, A Sinner

Tuesday, September 15th

  • Luke 23:9-15: Pilate’s Judgment of Jesus, “Not Guilty”

Wednesday, September 16th

  • Genesis 42:1-5: Brothers Sent to Egypt to Buy Grain

Thursday, September 17th

  • Genesis 42:26-28: Joseph Returns Money with Grain

Friday, September 18th

  • Genesis 42:29-34: Joseph Questions Motives of Brothers

Saturday, September 19th

  • Genesis 42:35-38: Jacob Vows Not to Send Benjamin

Sunday, September 20th

  • Lesson: Love Versus Guilt
  • Bible Background: Genesis 42
  • Printed Text: Genesis 42:6-25
  • Devotional Reading: Psalm 51
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of the lesson, we will EXPLAIN why Joseph’s brothers interpreted their misfortune as punishment for their sins, SENSE the need for wholeness in their personal relationships, and IDENTIFY ways to accept God’s forgiveness and strive to offer grace to those who mistreat them.”

Monday, September 21st

  • Psalm 43: During Trouble, Maintain Hope in God

Tuesday, September 22nd

  • Genesis 43:1-15: Benjamin Sent to Joseph with Gifts

Wednesday, September 23rd

  • Genesis 44:1-13: Stolen Cup Found in Benjamin’s Grain

Thursday, September 24th

  • Genesis 44:14-17: Brothers Offer to Become Slaves to Joseph

Friday, September 25th

  • Genesis 44:18-26: Judah Pleads with Joseph for Benjamin

Saturday, September 26th

  • Genesis 44:27-34: Jacob Will Die Without Seeing Benjamin

Sunday, September 27th

  • Lesson Title: God’s plan Revealed
  • Bible Background: Genesis 43; 45:1-15
  • Printed Text: Genesis 45:1-15
  • Devotional Reading: John 14:1-14
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of this lesson, we will UNDERSTAND how Joseph viewed his past mistreatment at the hand of his brothers, RECOGNIZE how God is at work in difficult circumstances, and RESPOND to mistreatment not with vengeance but with creative, transforming initiatives.”

Monday, September 28th

  • 1st Thessalonians 3:1-6: Timothy, My Brother, and Coworker

Tuesday, September 29th

  • 1st Samuel 17:41-51: David Slays a Philistine with a Stone

Wednesday, September 30th

  • 1st Samuel 18:1-5: David and Jonathan Bond Together