Church School

Welcome to our new Church School Page! In here, you can receive a listing of all the Daily Scriptures, along with the Lesson Titles that each of the teachers will be presenting each week for Church School on Sundays!

As a thought: It is recommended to not just read these verses each day, but also read the entire chapter that contains these verses. As an example: For myself, the first thing I do each morning is to read the entire chapter that contains the verses. That way, I end up getting an even greater understanding of the text, and understand the context of WHY something was spoken in the text. If you read these scriptures first thing in the morning, you will “find yourself” remembering them as the day progresses…. Remember: The Lord NEVER wastes words!!

Also, it’s highly recommended to read the text in another version instead of just the King James Version. Although the KJV is one of the “foundational” scriptures, it’s a great thing to also read it from the Amplified Classic, the Message Bible, the New Living Translation, and/or other versions as well. Whichever one allows you to UNDERSTAND the text is the one you should read. Besides, at the end of the day, all scripture points to HIM, our Lord Jesus Christ, in some way, shape or form, and as we receive HIS IDENTITY through the scriptures, we are then able to receive OUR identities in HIM (1st John 4:17), which then allows us to move fully in what He has ordained, moment by moment, day by day, “in the midst” of this pandemic, or any other calamity that we face. As a result, we then become effective Teachers of Him in the world, being able to articulate the Hope that is within us… Just a thought!!

In the meantime, enjoy these readings! We will be updating this page periodically (especially nearer the end of the month, as the new Church School books come in) with new content so you can then be able to a) plan accordingly in receiving these scriptures into your daily life, and b) be able to even more actively participate in the discussions that we have on Sundays during Church School!


Tuesday, July 7th

  • Ecclesiastes 3:9-15: Perform Your God-Given Task

Wednesday, July 8th

  • Numbers 3:11-13: The Firstborn Belong to God

Thursday, July 9th

  • Luke 2:25-35: Simeon Praises God for the Child

Friday, July 10th

  • Philemon 8-21: Once a Slave, Now a Brother

Saturday, July 11th: 6:00pm Church School

  • Lesson Title: The Boy Jesus
  • Bible Background: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15; Luke 2:39-52
  • Printed Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7; Luke 2:39-52
  • Devotional Reading: Leviticus 12:1-8; Numbers 3:11-13
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of this lesson, we will: EXPLORE the account of Jesus’ experience in the Temple at the age of twelve, SENSE the awe experienced by all those who witnessed Jesus’ wisdom as well as Mary and Joseph’s angst, and REJOICE in the opportunity to know the wisdom of God.

Sunday, July 12th

  • 2nd Timothy 4:1-5: A New Season for Ministry (for Pastor’s Appreciation/Drive-In Worship Service)

Monday, July 13th

  • Mark 5:35-43: Jesus Restores Leader’s Daughter to Life

Tuesday, July 14th

  • John 4:27-29, 39-42: Samaritans Testify to Wisdom of Jesus

Wednesday, July 15th

  • Colossians 2:1-5: All Wisdom Dwells in Christ

Thursday, July 16th

  • Mark 7:1-8: Jesus Denounces Human Traditions

Friday, July 17th

  • Mark 7:9-15: God’s Wisdom Trumps Human Commands

Saturday, July 18th

  • Mark 7:17-23: The Heart, Not The Stomach Defiles

Sunday, July 19th: 8:45am Church School

  • Lesson: The Wisdom of Jesus
  • Bible Background: Mark 6:1-6; 7:1-23
  • Printed Text: Mark 6:1-6
  • Devotional Reading: Mark 7:14-23
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of the lesson we will: IDENTIFY the reason or reasons the people in Nazareth could not accept the wisdom of Jesus, REPENT of the occasions when Jesus’ words made us feel offended instead of accepting them as wisdom, and COMMIT to accepting the words of Jesus even when they challenge us.”

Monday, July 20th

  • Proverbs 3:13-18: Wisdom, Source of Abundant Life

Tuesday, July 21st

  • John 5:19-24: Jesus Does What The Father Does

Wednesday, July 22nd

  • John 13:31-35: Love As I Have Loved You

Thursday, July 23rd

  • John 14:15-17: Spirit of Truth Dwells In You

Friday, July 24th

  • John 14:18-24: Love Binds Believers To God

Saturday, July 25th

  • John 14:25-31: Spirit of Wisdom Promised to All

Sunday, July 26th: 8:45am Church School

  • Lesson Title: Wisdom: The Way, Truth and Life
  • Bible Background: Proverbs 3:17; 8:32-36; John 14:1-4
  • Printed Text: John 14:1-14
  • Devotional Reading: Proverbs 3:13-18
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of this lesson, we will: EXPLORE the encounter between Jesus and the disciples in the upper room, APPRECIATE the difficulty the disciples had in understanding Jesus, and CELEBRATE the promise of Jesus to prepare a place for His followers and hear and respond to their prayers.”

Monday, July 27th

  • Colossians 1:24-29: Suffering on Behalf of The Church

Tuesday, July 28th

  • Titus 3:3-7: Saved by God’s Mercy

Wednesday, July 29th

  • Luke 11:9-13: Ask: God Will Supply Your Needs

Thursday, July 30th

  • Romans 5:1-5: Rejoice In Your Sufferings

Friday, July 31st

  • Romans 5:6-11: God’s Loving Actions Toward Sinners

Saturday, August 1st

  • Isaiah 40:1-8: Grass Withers But God’s Word Stands

Sunday, August 2nd: 8:45am Church School

  • Lesson Title: Faith and Wisdom
  • Bible Background: James 1:1-11
  • Scripture Text: James 1:1-11 (Wisdom Overcomes Trials and Temptations)
  • Devotional Reading: Isaiah 40:1-8
  • Aim for Change: “By the end of the lesson we will: CONSIDER the relationship between wisdom and perseverance through trials, AFFIRM the value of trials and hardships in making us more wise and productive disciples, and PRAY for godly wisdom by which to endure life’s trials and temptations.”