Men’s Day 2018

It’s a Special Day: Men’s Day Celebration 2018!!

The Theme for this special occasion is “Being a Man Of God’s Kingdom in All The Earth.” During this time, our focus will be on our Sunday program, which will feature Reverend Jermaine Marshall, the pastor of the historic Williams Institutional CME Church in New York, New York.

The following items are pertaining to the upcoming activities in anticipation of Men’s Day

Men’s Day Choir (One Rehearsal): This takes place on Thursday, February 15th at 6:30pm. If singing is your gift/desire, you are welcome to join in! Our Minister of Music, Mr. Jeremy Johnson, will work with all men who are interested in participating.

Sunday School: Sunday, February 18th at 9:00am. All men and their families are invited to  participate for Strong discussion regarding our Relationship with the Lord!

Attire: All men are requested to wear black suits with white shirts and black string or bow ties.

The Financials: All Men are requested to participate financially with their “Heads of State” Senators and Mayors to help each team contribute a minimum of $2,000. West Mitchell has five financial teams. If all Teams contribute their minimum, we will reach our Men’s Day financial goal of $10,000. This means that each individual will need to contribute $112.00.

The Chair & Co-Chair: Mr. Winfred E. Owens & Mr. Dorian J. Owens

If you have any questions, please contact the church office today at 404-525-2337, or email us at today! We look forward to seeing you here!