Strategic Plan

Welcome to the Strategic Planning page of the West Mitchell Street CME Church! This information is accessible only to those who are members of the West Mitchell Street CME Church family. Below are the notes from our previous All-Church Training event that occurred on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) was performed, and these will be forming the foundation for our Strategic Plan for the church.


  • Fellowship
  • Family & Friends Oriented
  • Media & Technology
  • Leadership/Worship Service
  • Outreach Giving
  • Meeting the needs of being a sacred space in a secular community
  • Gifted Members
  • Sunday School is growing
  • Doing Special Days very well
  • Resources (in vicinity): Woodruff Library/Public Library; Place to Worship (the facility); Healthcare Facilities; Falcons Stadium going up; Movie Industry is here
  • Engaged: Bible Study, Sunday School, Worship, Fellowship, Sermons, Music/Choir; Ushers; Stewardesses/Stewards; Missionaries
  • Money (within the Membership)
  • Person Power (power in numbers!)
  • Prayer (Prayer Line)
  • Pastor/Parking Lot
  • Spirituality is Growing
  • Communication is Growing Online
  • Working with Central Outreach & Advocacy: Blessing Bags
  • Providing Food to those in need; Toys for Tots; Girl Scouts; working with Habitat for Humanity; Senior Birthday Ministry; Board of Christian Education School Supplies


Less Well

  • Participation in Connectional Activities
  • Participation in Church Trainings
  • Working with Youth & Children
  • Not Giving (Financially) at the Level that We Should
  • Take a Stand/Speak Up about Issues When We Should
  • Communication regarding Activities Could Be Better
  • Recommendation: We should not take things so personally/targeting people
  • Membership Participation
  • Member Retention/Attendance
  • Tithing/Giving
  • Busy/Too Tired?
  • Lack of Commitment to Church/Auxiliaries
  • Cliques/Isolation of some Members
  • Speaking Out about Issues/Functioning Democratically


  • Attendance
  • Leadership within Auxiliaries/Boards
  • Lack of Leadership Continuity
  • Dedication + Responsibility + Commitment
  • THE BUILDING (yes, it’s in caps!)
  • Knowledge of Discipline
  • Knowledge of Boards
  • Knowledge of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Board Functionality
  • Traditions/Legacy/History
  • Youngins (30 years of age and younger)/Middle Age Members
  • Targeting Senior Demographics
  • Member Responsibility to Board
  • Disagreeing without being Disagreeable

Community Needs

  • Fellowship with Neighboring Churches
  • Noonday Bible Study
  • Job Training: Computer Literacy; Resume Building
  • Wednesday Night Dinner for AUC Students

Who Needs Prayer

  • Everyone
  • #45/Government/Politicians
  • Community
  • Church


  • Gifts/People/Resources Underused?
  • Public Information of Members Talents & Abilities
  • Sitting with Seniors & “Senior-Seniors” to learn of their legacies
  • Youth & Children
  • Accepting of New Gifts (and not to be threatened by the New Gifts)
  • Welcoming of Visitors
  • Welcoming of New Workers
  • Giftedness
  • Marquee (Eye-Catching Verbiage)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Partners: West Side Summit; New Community Development (broaden our scope; multicultural community)


  • Attendance
  • Giving
  • Checking in on Other Members
  • Commitment & Complacency
  • Power in Numbers
  • Active in Missions/Auxiliaries
  • Changes in Community: New Stadium
  • Changes in Community: Using the resources we have efficiently
  • Everyone Doing Their Part
  • One Band, One Sound!

We are not afraid. We may be concerned BUT we know that God is with West Mitchell Street CME Church!